Focussed Farmers

The essence of the Purposeful Focus in Action programme is to banish the brain fog for good, develop true self-mastery and take control of the one thing we truly have the ability to control in our life – our own state of mind.

Run over 12 weeks, this mindfulness based, self-leadership programme aims to enable you to develop more focus in your life and support you in creating a vision for what you truly want to get from life; from your business, your family, friendships, your health… and everything in between.”

     The 12-Week Program promises 4 key things.  You will learn:

  1. How to focus – our brains are actually wired to not focus.
  2. How to set your goals – to ensure your subconscious expects your goals to be achieved.
  3. How best to make decisions and solve problems – exercise to activate areas of the brain that are less active in the normal adult brain.
  4. How to banish stress – we’re wired to be stressed but stress begins in the mind and a few simple steps allow this to be better managed.

The course is 100% online or via wifi communication so you can take it from the comfort of your own farm.

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Self-leadership programme, to develop a more focussed and productive farmer

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