What is the AG1.global Get Involved Outreach Program? Every year the group will give back 10% of its’ annual subscription fee to the agriculture market in small scale projects…this is NOT a loan but a reinvestment into the marketplace and agri-Einstein’s of this world. As a subscriber to AG1.global and a member of your local Farming Union (ZNFU) you automatically qualify to submit your business plan for review and if successful, your project could be funded by AG1.global in order to make dreams into reality…. With access to finance becoming tougher and tougher over the years for farmers, it is challenging for small scale farmers and SME’s to obtain capital to get good ideas off the ground, in many cases there is little collateral or the interest rates exceed the profit margins. In turn good ideas remain exactly that…just an idea. AG1.global Get Involved Outreach Program aims to boost small scale entrepreneurship by donating revenue into new and innovative, sustainable projects that can uplift communities, increase employment and equality, improve sanitation, generate greater profit margins for existing operations and in general benefit the agriculture industry and the players involved in the market. Subscribe NOW to submit your business plan and we will be in touch. Click here to submit your business plan.   (Please ensure that your ZNFU annual membership is up to date in order to submit your business plan).

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